Rule Severity

A boolean flag argument is a reliable indicator for a violation of the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP). You can fix this problem by extracting the logic in the boolean flag into its own class or method.


Defining another value for the same key in an array literal overrides the previous key/value, which makes it effectively an unused code. If it's known from the beginning that the key will have different value, there is usually no point in defining first one.


An if expression with an else branch is basically not necessary. You can rewrite the conditions in a way that the else clause is not necessary and the code becomes simpler to read. To achieve this, use early return statements, though you may need to split the code it several smaller methods. For very simple assignments you could also use the ternary operations.


Assignments in if clauses and the like are considered a code smell. Assignments in PHP return the right operand as their result. In many cases, this is an expected behavior, but can lead to many difficult to spot bugs, especially when the right operand could result in zero, null or an empty string and the like.


Static access causes unexchangeable dependencies to other classes and leads to hard to test code. Avoid using static access at all costs and instead inject dependencies through the constructor. The only case when static access is acceptable is when used for factory methods.

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