Connecting Account

Before we proceed to connect your account, we want to make sure you understand what kind of permissions we want and why.

All these permissions can be changed later.

Email access
Without this we cannot register you in our system.
Org access (read)

You can choose here between yes and no access. Without this permission we won't be able to import your organization's repositories.

WebHook access (write or admin)

You can choose here between write and admin access. Admin allows us to delete the hook when you delete a repository in our system. If you wish to do the cleanup yourself, select only write. We need write access to install a webhook, so we get a notification every time you push. This is essential for our service to work.

Commit status access

You can choose here between yes (recommended) and no. This is needed for updating the commit status after we finish the analysis. If you don't want this, just select no option.

If you still have any doubt, just ask us.