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All plans are monthly paid. You can cancel any time, no questions asked.



Unlimited public repositories



Private repositories

5 private repositories

200k SLOC

5 private orgs repositories

€49.99 for every next 5 repos or 200k or 5 orgs

14-day trial

no credit card required


Your own server installation

Jira integration

Gitlab integration

GitHub Enterprise integration

Full control & configuration

When applicable VAT is added


Can I use my own git hosting?

This is only available in the on-premise version.

Can I share my private repos with others?

Yes! Create an organization and add collaborators.

Is my project secure?

We are trying very hard to make it secure. No source code is saved in our database (only the metadata). We do not make source code backups (because you can always reclone them if needed). If you have particularly sensitive information, consider using something like git-crypt where you can encrypt only specific files (they will be ignored by us).

We are hosting at Hetzner. They have pretty good security standards (PDF).

If you want more security consider getting the on-premise version that is installed on your own server in your own network with your own policies. Contact sales.

What happens to my private repos when I cancel subscription?

Nothing. They are there and still accessible by you. They won't be analyzed anymore but all the data remains intact.

Do you have a trial version?

Yes! There is a 14-day trial for the Pro plan. Also you can analyze open source projects for as long as you want. Functionality is not reduced.

How many users per plan?

Number of users doesn't matter. Your org can have as many users as you like. Same on the on-premise version. What matters is the amount of code you analyze.

Is VAT included?

No. VAT is not included. It will be calculated based on your residency or company information just before the payment. You will be able to review the total price.

Are you saving my credit card?

No. We process payments through Braintree Payments and never save any sensitive information.

Do you provide refunds?

Our service is pay-as-you-go. No refunds are possible. If you cancel you will be charged for the current month, but no more charges will be made.

Analysing public open source repositories is FOREVER FREE